Friday, October 9, 2009


Have a great Holiday weekend. May all your strings come true.


  1. Craig, can I ask you a question about puppets that's a bit off-topic? What I wonder is, are there factions among puppet people that are as divisive as the ones that lead to arguments among animators and cartoonists? I'm a big fan of Bob Clampett, but mentioning his name in some cartoon circles prompts a heated discussion. Is there anything similar in the puppet world? What are the contoversies in the puppet profession?

    Also, are there dynasties in the puppet world, or families that are considered the blue blood of that profession? I get the feeling that some professional pupeteers are connected ito strong traditions in the past. Am I wrong?

    If the answer requires an email, my address is If I want to print something that might get you in trouble, I promise to run it past you first. I'm just curious to know how much the puppet universe mirrors the animation and cartooning world.


  2. Hi Eddie,
    We sent you an email.