Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The first puppet I ever remember seeing on television was JINGLE DINGLE. He was a weather elf, created by Leon Jason, built by MAURY BUNIN ("Pinhead & Foodini")and performed by SANDY BECKER.
He stood on the roof and sang a song about the days weather, so we kids'd know to dress accordingly.
Though a duplicate puppet was licensed to another kid show in the Washington DC market, for a mainly local tri-state character, Ol' JD generated quite a handful of cool merch. . .

(I always knew girls went for guys who played with puppets.)

My friend PAUL RUBIN recently gave us this JINGLE DINGLE RECORD in it's original sleeve! I can't express how much of an influence this puppet had on me. When I was in California working with the MARKO PUPPET THEATRE I even made my own version.

JD with CM


  1. i remember this song as a kid. had the record.that song still remains in my mind I am searching for the lyrics. The part i remember is jingle dingle is a happy little bell, a happy little bell is he.... the record was yellow and i played it over and over. thanks for this article!! Brings back enjoyable memories of my childhood!! You are blessed to have a copy of the record.

  2. Craig, I just came across this blog entry of yours from a few years ago... My grandfather was Leon Jason, the creator of Jingle Dingle. Your love for Jingle Dingle means a great deal to me!! We are currently in the process of going through all of my grandfather's old artwork: we have everything from drawings to pins to Jingle squeeze toys and other Jingle Dingle memorabilia. If you would be interested in collecting other Jingle Dingle items my mother (his daughter) and I would love to see these things go to someone who really loved and knew Jingle. Please feel free to contact me at micole.rondinone@gmail.com.


  3. My wife and I would be interested in if there is an MP3 of the Jingle Dingle song. We also both know the words and they are stuck in our heads. I remember having the 45 RPM where Jingle Dingle says its time to jump through the hole in the record. Great memories.


  4. As I recall Jingle Dingle was on Ch.7 ABC in the Wash.DC area. He came on around noon with this little song "Jingle Dingle-Jingle hey-
    here's what the weather will be today." Seems like he always predicted rain. I would change the channel during that part and return when I thought his forecast was over.

  5. Jingle Dingle was a happy little bell, a happy little bell was he he jingle dingled all day long ringing merrily