Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I was fortunate to work with RALPH BAKSHI on a series he created for Cartoon Network's WHAT A CARTOON SHOW!
Ralph was/is the original AniMadMantm who did HEAVY TRAFFIC, COOL WORLD, WIZARDS, AMERICAN POP, and FRITZ THE CAT. He also created the NEW ADVENTURES OF MIGHTY MOUSE which gave birth to a next generation of animators including JOHN K and (UNCLE) EDDIE FITZGERALD.
My series with Ralph was called MALCOLM & MELVIN, and I did the voices for Malcolm & Melvin. (Ralph is the voice of the Super Hero.) Here's Episode 1.


  1. Holy Mackerel! You did voices for that!? Boy, does that bring back memories!

  2. I was the ROACH and the CLOWN. Did you work on it?