Sunday, August 22, 2010


It's official!
Flexitoon has been commissioned to create a new work for THE BRONX ZOO. We'll perform 2 shows a day every weekend in October.

Just begun writing the 20:00 show and have put out the call to the Flexitoon Repertory Company of animal puppets. As of now there are over 20 puppets (that's a puppet-a-minute!) We're also combining puppets with marionettes so have to design and construct a new stage.
We "R" Stoked.
Here are a few of the puppets on the short list to employment. . .

Thursday, August 19, 2010


And all I can say right now is that it involves animals. . .

Thursday, August 5, 2010


My old assistant Hal just contacted me and sent along some pictures from when I did THURBER'S CARNIVAL in 1975. . .
It was a wonderful production at the Foothills Theater Company in Worcester, MA. We mixed the puppets in with the actors. Here OTTO D. BUMM (c) tries to get Paul Mayberry and Kristen (sorry, don't remember her last name!) drunk.
I'd just discovered INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU, so I put him in the show. I hope Thurber would've approved - - the audience did. (note: it's a rehearsal shot - - the character on the left doesn't have his jacket yet!

Here's the same shot taken from backstage. . .
HAL PEDERSON (L) and me.
How GROUCHO MARX made it into Thurber's Carnival is the secret woid.
Here's how he came to life!

I was a very happy puppeteer doing Thurber. Great audiences, wonderful production, and I fell for a beautiful actress named Janet. . .