Friday, September 25, 2009

GOIN' UP (again!)

GOIN' UP is the special we created and produced for THIRTEEN/WNET. It was recently accepted into the KIDS FIRST! FILM FESTIVAL, and we were just told it was also nominated for a KIDS FIRST! Best Award! They said that:
"This award is given annually to films and screenplays that have been accepted and showcased at our various festivals and special screenings nationally and world-wide. Our Senior Jury, comprised of child development specialists, media professionals and film programmers will select the winners."
The whole FlexiTeam is honored!


  1. Dear Craig,

    Congraudlations on receiving a nomiation for "Going Up!"..I hope

    that this wonderful film will be honored with an award?


  2. Crag...
    this is truly wonderful news. i had the pleasure of seeing this film in its entirety and can only say "it should be a series".

    the music is brilliant too.
    good luck in the voting for "best" award!