Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flexitoon Pix Through The Years

Here's Olga and me in different puppet configurations. . .
(clickable pix)
With Rex & Didi from Shining Time Station
Early Postcard Print
Madam Tamara with "Tamara's News Tonight"
Molly O' Mole from PINWHEEL
HAND MAGIC for CITIBANK industrial
Olga's fingers do the walking
Workshop #1
Workshop #2
Captain BigBoot walks (on) the plank!
With Good Dog.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Craig,

    I love these photos of you and Olga and the puppets.

    I also enjoy looking at The "Hand Magic"Show that the two of

    you did for Citibank.

    I reminds me of Mr.Burr Tillstrom's hand ballets that he did on


    The best photo..of course..are the ones of you in your workshop,

    working on your creations.

    Thanks for sharing these rare photos of you and your wife

    and your fellow"Flexitoons"players,