Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Last October we were the only American puppet troupe to perform at the INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE FESTIVAL in IASI, Romania. It's pronounced Yosh.
What an amazing facility they have - - a HUGE building with a big theatre upstairs and a smaller one downstairs. A full time repertory company with complete production capablity.

We travel with a lot of equipment for our live show, and it would not have been cost effective for our sponsor to fly it all over there. Luckily, our television partner Mike Campbell suggested we ask them if they would build our stage for us. They said YES! I sent them the specs and when we got there, BANG! We built it pronto. Shared language over mutual work.

The staff, the children, the audiences (two, sold out shows) the other puppeteers from France, Bucharest, Cyprus, all wonderful. A great, memorable, sharing time.

I just stumbled upon this: someone put up these pictures of our performance of HAMLIN on their BLOG.

The text was in Romanian. I translated using Google, and, well, you'll get the gist. . .
Hamlin ", puppets theatre" flexitoon ", New York, U. S. A.The design and the utility (direction) of show: Craig Marin
Coveted a hall small people, the show has benefited from brightly colored puppets, less encountered in this part of Europe. I gave the impression, rather, the Patimile television, I thought the shows puppets indeed: in a town invaded by rats, a Sheeana with disabilities are getting involved in solving this problem which tends to her father depositor, producer of cheese. It has undertaken a "cimpoier" (here for a cat), which, with spell Song or, to escape the city of rats. once completed the job (Very beautiful projection of inchipuind rats lined cards after "cimpoier"), oraselului mayor refused to pay service rendered. In May naratiune intervene and an IT, eventually finishing everything is okay. Although played in the English language, the show has taken the children in the audience, especially because, finally, the author or has offered a small bonus through or drawings based on a number preferred by children. antrenant, exciting, welcome!...

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  1. Dear Craig,

    Great photos from your stage production of"The Pied Piper Of

    Hamlin"during your performances in Romania.

    You,and Olga and Mike and the other"Flexitooners"gave joy and

    inspiration to the kids..at a time..when there is little to smile about.

    There is also a photo of someone,drawing a cartoon of a clown..

    I'd like to ask..is that you drawing the clown..or someone else?