Monday, May 4, 2009


I think Paul Ashley made the best hand puppets in the world! A true inspiration to me.

He designed and built the ROOTIE KAZOOTIE cast. . .
Paul created the first puppet musical version of HMS PINAFORE for the Dumont Network. . .

He made all of CHUCK McCANN's puppet troupe.

And his sense of caricature is beautiful!

Me and the Rootie Crew
(how come they look the same after all these years?)


  1. Dear Craig,

    Great shots of Paul Ashley and his creations.

    He created the most memorable puppets in tv

    history..I like to ask?

    The photo of Paul..with "Tommy"the teenage boy

    puppet..posing at the procenium of the puppet stage?

    Is this a scene from NBC TV's "Home Show"..when Paul

    was the program's puppet making editor?

    If you know where and when this photo was taken?

    Please share this information with all of us here at The

    Flexitoon bloq?


  2. Hi Mr. KTV,
    You're right! That picture of Paul & Tommy was from the Home Show starring Arlene Francis. I'm not sure what year that was - - If you discover the air-date, please let us know. We inherited a box of photos from the early days of the Puppetry Journal, and the Paul Ashley picture was the real find.

  3. Dear Craig,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm glad that this photo exsist..because to my knowledge?

    Only one kinnie film of NBC TV's Home Show With Paul

    serving as the puppet making editor survives.

    It's hard to say..when this show aired or..what aspect of

    puppetry Paul and"Tommy"are demonstraing here?

    As soon as I can..I'll try to find some information about

    what Paul and his little friend are presenting to the viewers

    on this installment of the show.


  4. Hi Craig,

    do you sell these puppets?
    I would also like to know if I can contact you about the mechanics. Thanks!

    Steve Barry
    Gepetto's Workshop

  5. Hi
    I want yo meet Rootie! I'm a fan! Please tell me where he is! Put me in touch with Rootie!!!!
    Thank you Rooter! Lol. I really do want to meet him.