Saturday, May 23, 2009


Pictured is one of the true prizes in my Mutual Media Broadcasting System memorabilia collection: the ORIGINAL BOAT MODEL used in the ORIGINAL CAPTAIN KEVIN SHOW OPENING (you can see it in action in Part 1 which I posted earlier).
Now without any adieu of any kind, here it be, gang. Part 3 of the CAPTAIN KEVIN SHOW, brought to you by Roy's Brown Stuff, and, as you'll discover, The Captain Kevin Dress-Up Kit (please leave a COMMENT if you had one.) BTW? If anyone knows the wearabouts of that kid from the commercial, let him know that film archivist and Mutual Media historian Howard Bacaaazeo would like to interview him. You're also going to see a promo for THE COACH KENNY SHOW ("With the taste kid's love.")
So "Ahoy, for God's Sake!" Click below, and enjoy. . .

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