Friday, May 8, 2009


When we started working together, we TradeMarked our company

Our first TV job was a pilot for a series called "ROARING DONUTS."

Me 'n O with one of the stars, GOONEY BIRD (center).

ROARING DONUTS starred STUBBY KAYE (Marryin' Sam in the film Lil' Abner) and was produced by DON KIRSCHNER (Yes, the Don Kirschner of Don Kirshner's Rock Concert fame. He liked us and was very supportive.)

Then we got a call from a fledgling network that wanted marionettes for a new series. Some of you might have heard of the network? It was called NICKELODEON, and the series was PINWHEEL! This was very exciting because there really was no one else doing marionettes on TV at that time, so it was opportunity to introduce our things-on-strings to a whole new generation of viewers.

Hello to all you Pinwheelers - - we loved doing the show for you!! Here are a few seminal moments . . .

A just born LULU THE HOBO BUG meets her twin brother HERBERT when he is alas, just a head.

Me, stringing a newly hatched ADMIRAL BIRD.

Olga, dolling up LULU in Ebeneezer's basement set.

And now, one moment and two seconds of PINWHEEL.

Check back this weekend for the second exciting installment of the Captain Kevin Show.

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