Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Little Pady Story by Olga

PADY BLACKWOOD never toured with me during my magic-time with Nicolo Marionettes, but we finally got to work together at Bil Baird's Theatre. One of my favorite Pady stories is when we were in the middle of performing THE WIZARD OF OZ.

We were on the bridge with LIVE mics. I was wearing this blouse . . .
. . . which buttoned up the back. I'm totally involved in performing Dorothy, when Pady strolls over on the bridge and starts unbuttoning my blouse! I couldn't say anything because the mics were hot, so I'm moving my mouth and yelling in mime "stoppit! Pady!" Then the blouse slowly- -falls - - doooooooooown over my hands, onto the controls! I couldn't stop performing. Meanwhile, the whole cast is convulsing with laughter. Including me! I was hysterical at the funnyness and totally embarassed at the same time. Soon Pady's better nature took over (unless that WAS his better nature?) and he calmly returned to my side , slid the blouse up over my shoulders and rebuttoned me up. The audience didn't notice a thing, but it became indelibly etched in my head. I love Pady Blackwood!

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