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I've written before about our FOX series
where I co-starred with the lovely and exuberant
Specifically here:
and here:

I just found a parcel of BEHIND-THE-SCENES shots circa 1989. Now I can give some well-deserved props to the DJ Kat Show Team:
That's me and Carmen (I'm the pony-tail on the left) putting our heads together on the couch set.
The Red Sea parts to reveal our director, the finger-snappin' STEVEN FELDMAN. (We were very aware of gender roles on the set, so to me, he was - - and will always be - - Feldperson.)
Carmen gives the Metal Horns, while our producer TERESA MATTHEWS, looks concerned.

Rehearsing with Carmen. . .

. . . enjoying the resulting playback.

Backstage with Steven, DJ KAT in tow.

The brain trust, including former Saturday Night Live scribe, BRUCE PADDOCK (L).

Director in his natural habitat.
Steven and I worked together on several television projects besides the DJ Kat Show, including ACTV and SHINING TIME STATION. We enjoyed a mutually beneficial working relationship throughout much of the '90's.

Producer Teresa Matthews.

Shooting the station owner, Midas G. Merkle (M.G.M.)

The popular VIEWER MAIL segment.

With the legendary ELI BERGMAN.
Eli was with WNEW (now FOX) from the begininng, and he worked with all the kid show greats: SOUPY SALES, CHUCK McCANN, SANDY BECKER, BOB McCALLISTER, and, DIALING FOR DOLLARS (heh-heh). Eli was the tether to the halcyon day's of old, and whenever I wasn't working, he'd regale me with stories about my heroes (see above.) The nicest thing he ever said to me was "You know, Craig. You're one of them!"

I loved doing the DJ Kat Show, and I hope that everyone - - Carmen, Steven, Teresa, Tommy Terranova, Scoop the Cameraman, Ron on Sound, Donna on the floor (!?) et al - - look back fondly on the memories we created for our kids in the FOX viewing area. I'll see if I can post an episode sometime. . .

All photos by ALAN (the) SEMOK

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