Monday, April 6, 2009

WNEW + WNYC = Channel 5 New York

The Sandy Becker Show (Sandy's Street) was on WNEW Channel 5. (So was Soupy Sales and Chuck McCann.) When I was a kid I used to visit and watch them do their shows - - it was so exciting! One show would end, the cameras would then sweep around to another part of the studio and BOOM, next show was on. SUCH a turn on. I'd go home and make-believe my bedroom was Channel 5 and do my own shows (to my cardboard-box cameras.) Even painted a big 5 on my door. Well, fast-forward to 1989, WNEW is now WNYC FOX-5 and I'm doing my own series from the same studio. It was called the DJ KAT SHOW. I wrote and performed puppets and characters opposite a talented, charming and exuberant actress named Carmen DeLaPaz.
Here's the point of this post:
We inherited many of Sandy's puppets and memorabilia when he passed away, and the other day I laid my hands upon an ultra-rare contact sheet. One of the pictures in the group was taken in the exact same place at almost the exact same angle that my show came from. Below is a backstage shot of Sandy Becker puppeteering GeebaGeeba (wearing a tyroleon hat) and Wydeen the Witch, with Timmy Moriarty fronting out front. . .
And here from the same vantage point is Carmen (as Jennifer Davis) and me puppeteering DJ Kat backstage in a viewer's mail segment.
Crazy, huh? Like, remembering the future.
More DJ Kat foto's to follow. . .


  1. Dear Craig,

    Great Shot of Sandy With Mr.Moriarity and with "Wyndie Witch"..


    WHo is the other puppet that Sandy is working..I can't tell?

    Because I can only see the back of it's head..Do you know which

    Puppet that Sandy is working behind the puppet stage?


  2. It's Geeba Geeba, wearing a hat.

  3. Dear Craig,

    Thank for providing the info about Gebba Gebba in the photo with

    Wyndie,Mr.Morairty and Sandy.

    This is a rare treat..seeing Sandy working backstage with the puppets

    and also..?

    Sandy is wearing eyeglasses.

    With the exception of his wearing specs in a rarely seen promo for

    Ideal Toys Inc.?

    He never appeared on camera with his eye glases on.

    Thanks for providing the info on Gebba and for sharing this rare

    piece of NYC Kids TV History,