Sunday, April 5, 2009


We shot The Hamptoons out in the Hamptons, and one day received word that hallowed kid show icon CAPTAIN KEVIN was fishing off Montauk Bay! At the urging of producer Mike Campbell, our puppeteer Alan Semok called Howard Bacaaazeo (film historian and unofficial Mutual Media Broadcasting System keeper-of-the-kinnies) who contacted Captain Kevin Show producers $hel Marino and Roger Zeebok, who in turn confirmed the sighting. Well, Alan tracked down Kevin and convinced him to make a guest appearance in the Hamptoons Underground TV Studio. Kenny picked up Kevin at the dock ("it was amazing that my first sighting of Kevin since the glory days of childhood was on his boat," a misty-eyed Kenny shared with us.) Surprisingly, CK arrived in costume (he said he travels everywhere with it. "Just in case.") Howard quickly cut together a montage from his award-winning documentary "THE CAPTAIN KEVIN SHOW - - A KID SHOW RECALLED" and it was a BLAST! Lunch was provided.

Captain Kevin looks pretty well life-preserved, doesn't he?

"Hello, my captain. Hello."

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  1. Dear Craig,

    Great Shots of The Captain on"The Hamptoons TV Show'..

    I'm glad that Mr.Semok and Mr.Bacaaazeo were able to locate him

    and that Ken was able to bring him to the show.

    I hope that the Old Captain enjoy his visit to the show and

    that we may be hearing more about The Old Skipper in the


    Thanks For sharing these photos and some wonderful memories

    about one of the icons on Kids TV History,