Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Whom, you may ask? HEINZ EDELMANN designed all the characters, creatures and landscapes in the landmark animated oddessy:

Yep, it was Heinz (not Peter Max) who inspired a generation af animators with his far-out and fully realized alternate Cartooniverse. Of course, the music was pretty great too!

I saw this movie about 28 times when it first came out. You know what I mean. In fact, in our MARKO PUPPET THEATRE production "THE FAMILY", the two lovers plot a clandestine meeting at the movies. What's playing? YELLOW SUBMARINE!

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  1. Dear Craig,

    Great artwork from "The Beatles"next to last movie

    "The Yellow Submarine".

    I've also seen the film many times in the movies and

    on tv.

    My favorite where the boys are in"Pepperland",

    dressed up as "Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band" and

    they're singing their songs.

    Which breaks the spell of gloom casued by "The Blue

    Meanies"and their ilk.

    And they finally bring,peace,love and song back to

    "Pepperland"..with this tune"All You Need Is Love!".

    And..Boy do we need Love today!

    Thanks For Sharing these rare pieces of artwork

    from"The Yellow Submarine!",