Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the one and only CHUCK McCANN!!!

I know I've said it before, but to me CHUCK McCANN was the best kid show entertainer I ever saw. His comedy, characters, heart and most importantly PUPPETRY ("voices & animation") was eveything I needed. He was just so much FUN! And. Come along! We're all going to have FUN together. Chuck inspired me no end. The memories still do.
Chuck understood and presented his love for television itself as part of his presentation. He was on for 4 hours(!) on Sunday with a show called "LET'S HAVE FUN". Before the program came on, WPIX-11 would show an artcard with cutout pictures of the puppets and a LETS HAVE FUN logo in the center. They'd play old time gazebo music by a group called Professor H.
Then at 9:00 AM, this following scene would unfold. . .

Notice how Chuck took us into his world - - behind the scenes of the teeny tiny studio populated by characters of his own imagination - - all the way to the far end of magic-land until soon? He disappears behind the puppet stage and his alter egos take over. Absolute magic. I'd never miss it!

Olga, Chuck & Me in Flexitoon Central, prior to an "Evening of Memories" @ the Museum of Broadcasting

On the next Chuck post, I get the courage to traipse from Queens-to-Manhattan to meet Chuck @ WPIX, and end the day by being on his show!
*Produced by CHET DOWLING. Directed by IRV JARVIS.


  1. Dear Craig,

    My God!

    This brings back alot of happy memories for me.

    Chuck was one of my inspirations to be a comic actor.

    He would come out as himself at the start of Let's Have Fun,

    The Chuck McCann Shows or L&HC and then..he would either

    became a live comic character or he would put a puppet on his

    hand and perform some wonderful schitck with that puppet.

    He gave us all in NYC alot of great entertainment and alot

    of joy on all of his shows.

    I miss this type of entertainment on NYC tv..Thank You

    for sharing this rare piece of NYC kidult tv comedy history,


  2. Dear Craig,

    I love the color photo of you and Olga with Chuck.

    I'd like to ask..if it is permissible?

    Was this photo taken at your home or at Chuck's on the



  3. Dear Calvin,

    Chuck is not only a good dancer..he sings very well



  4. i have to protest, he's the "two" and only chuck mccann, cause I'm one too.

  5. As Chuckie's and Paul's assistant back then, it's great seeing this after all these years. thanks

  6. Wonder if Ken Shapiro was familiar with this when he did his original Channel One shows and inevitably "The Groove Tube".
    Remembered vaguely that "Put On A Happy Face" was originally former McCann partner Dick Van Dyke's 'theme' from "Bye Bye Birdie"; nice touch as it was still current at the time (1961?).
    Think that "The Projectionist" is an unsung classic and saw the only aired once ABC "Turn On"-- both because of Chuck McCann.
    Too bad that there's no one at all even remotely with the talent this 'Son of The Desert' has.
    A McCann fan.