Friday, June 12, 2009

The Marko Puppet Theatre Daze

Here are some FlAsHbAcKs!!!!! to my days with the MARKO PUPPET THEATRE ("the most psychedelic puppet show on the planet"- - Harpur College Newspaper, Binghamton NY). We played Universities and Happenings across the country, eventually settling in San Rafael, CA. (right UP the block from the Grateful Dead.) Great times exploring art & self . . .

Preparing for the very second Marko show: "1795 & The Familie"


Devil B. DeMille runs a nightclub-in-hell in "KINGDOM KUM"

OTTO D. SLOBBE gets a rude awakening from OFFICER INNOCENT IN "OTTO'S SITE"

Otto hitch-hikes to California and is picked up by DIESLER(r) & AXIL

DR. COSMO POLITON, a past-life-regression specialist
The good(?) Dr. and his assistant OZZIE MUMBLES send Otto's brain bye-bye.
Otto and the Doctor pose with their Pop

Backstage, hanging drops for THE FAMILIE. . .

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  1. Dear Craig,

    I love these photos from your work with The Marko Puppet

    Theater..and the character of"Officer Innocent".

    He looks just like"Popeye The Sailor" least in terms of

    his facial features.

    Thanks For sharing these rare photos of your work with

    The Marko Puppet Theater,