Sunday, June 21, 2009


My DAD started it by becoming a cartoonist at 13. He began touring vaudeville and burleque theatres when he was 17 (I have a MINSKY's program with Dad on the same bill as Phil Silvers and Sid Stone.) He also performed with the Three Stooges and Cab Calloway. When I was a kid, he would tell me stories, draw cartoons and do their voices.

No doubt about it, I was genetically incapable of not going into show business. Puppetry - - cartooning in 3D - - is my chosen art (that's me below manipulating Sammy Davis Jr. on my own Christmas Morning TV Special at WABC-Boston).

And now, my son Gabriel, is on another tour across America with his amazing band CONSIDER THE SOURCE.

From my Father to my Son through me.


Dad re-appears in his vaudeville guise as THE CHATTERBOX CARTOONIST pictured with my Mom, Ruth - - his "Blonde Georgia Model."


  1. Dear Craig,

    Thanks for sharing these rare photos of your parents during

    their glory days in Vaudeville.

    I'd like to you ever meet Mr.Silvers or Mr.Stone

    AKA "Sgt.Ernie Bilko" and "The Tell Ya What I'm Gonna Do"

    tv pitchman for Mr.Milton Berle's "Texico Star Theater"TV



  2. Hi,
    I run a website dedicated to Cab Calloway and I would be interested to know if your father played with him at the Zanzibar Cafe in New York between 1944 and 1946. I've been told about a puppeter that had one puppet designed as Cab himself...
    Feel free to contact me at thehidehoblog @ gmail. com

    Thanks anyway for sharing those great pictures and souvenirs

  3. These are amazing pictures, Craig! Thank you for sharing!