Thursday, September 9, 2010


From that time I slept over at my friend Joey Lawler's house and stayed up and watched "The Coconuts" on the Late Show, I've been in love with the MARX BROTHERS. And for me, "love" always means becoming the artists I adore. I started as HARPO because my friend Paul Rubin (below, who also played Stannie to my Ollie) had the GROUCHO thing down pat (we recruited neighborhood hood Gary Krantz to play CHICO.)
Soon after, I dropped some poundage, discovered sarcasm, and became GROUCHO. My dear hippie pals and I formed THE COCONUTS TRIBE and recreated Marx Madness in the Shacker Family's attic - - I mean -- make-shift theatre. Puppets being my true calling it was only a matter of time before giving birth to THE MARX BROTHERS as puppets.
I built these for THE MARKO PUPPET THEATRE. We recreated THE COCONUTS in miniature and performed it at colleges on the West Coast. It was really fun!!!
That's Holly Smith (above) portraying Mdm. Pheffenusiance in a Marx Brothers Christmas skit.
Now, our dear friend and famous writing personage SANDY KRINSKI (ALICE, DONNY & MARIE and - - yes! - - THE NEW ZOO REVIEW) wrote to tell us that his very good friend BILL MARX (Harpo's very son) has put a website jam packed with ALL THINGS HARPO!!!
When you get the time, take a look. You'll need the time because there is so much to see! Thanks for doing this Bill!!!

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