Monday, February 8, 2010


THE FLEXITOON PUPPETS starred in KIDS-TV on SHOWTIME. The series was based upon the perennial classroom news mag WEEKLY READER. Here the puppets run an after-school video club where they go out in the field and report the news.
DJ McCAW (top left: Jonathan Freeman) QUACKER (Olga Felgemacher) BANANA MONKEY (Craig Marin)

In the episode called "HOMELESS", a formerly callous ROBBIE RACOON (Craig) pictured below left with BUDDY BEAR (Alan Semok) discovers what it means to be without a roof over his head. It all takes place during a Dickensian nightmare with the Ghost of a Homeless Child . . .The clip below shows a behind-the-scenes first rehearsal of the song "We're Pretty Lucky," followed by the buy take. Directed by Flexitoon fave Steve Feldman (DJ Kat Show, Shining Time Station).

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