Saturday, February 20, 2010


One of the final on-camera performances by the legendary team of HOWDY DOODY & BUFFALO BOB SMITH happened on the Sally Jessy Rafael Show, December 7, 1990 ("a day that will live in infancy"). Howdy's usual puppeteer, PADY BLACKWOOD, was engaged out-of-town, so legendary producer BURT DUBROW (The Jerry Springer Show) called us. Marionettist OLGA FELGEMACHER pulled the strings for this medley of Howdy Doody's Greatest Hits.

For more about the HOWDY/FLEX connection, go here:

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  1. Dear Craig,

    I remember that show..along with "Buffalo Bob" And "Howdy"..

    the show also had as guests.

    Soupy Sales,"Clarabell"(Played by the third and last performer to

    portray him Mr.Lew Anderson),Marc Summers and Bob McGrath.

    It was a wonderful show..and a wonderful way for "Howdy"&

    "Buffalo Bob"to leave their fellow peanuts with some special memories.

    Thanks For Sharing these clips of"Buffalo Bob's & Howdy Doody's"

    last tv appearance on The Sally Jessey Raphael Show",


    P.S. This was not the first time that"Bufalo Bob" and Mr.McGrath

    appeared on a tv talk show..they had appeared on The Mike Douglas

    TV Show years before.