Monday, March 30, 2009


I LOVED Soupy Sales when I was a kid. Whom I kidding? I still do!I kouldn't wait to katch the krazy, souper, hipper-than-thou kid show komedy he kreated that made you feel like you were really in on a wild inside joke. I played this album (below) until the tracks wore thin, and stared at the cover until the image burned into my memory like a kustard kream pie in the brain.

Soupy did The Mouse. . .

. . . I did The Mouse! Didn't you love his handmade imagination?

He had two nutty henchmen:

Bless their comedic hearts.

A couple of years ago we were asked to do a tribute to Soupy at the New York Founding Tent of the Sons of the Desert (that's the international fraternal worshipful Laurel & Hardy Society. You heard me.) So we took this as an opportunity to write & perform the SOUPY SALES SHOW that we always wanted to see, but one that Soupy hadn't gotten around to doing yet. We built the whole cast, including the SOUPMAN himself. . .

And it was a BLAST!!


SOUPY and his beautiful bride TRUDY watched.

SOUPY & POOKIE & ME (oh my)
I became friendly with Soupy over the years (my television kids show, DJ KAT, originated from the same WNEW Metromedia Channel 5 studio as the NY incarnation of the Soupy Sales Show) and I cherish the times we have together.

There will never be another SOUPY SALES!

(soupy caricatures by craig)


  1. Dear Craig,

    I love this tribute to Soupy..He really is a unique and creative


    It's wonderful that you created your own puppet versions of

    Soupy,"White Fang" and "Pookie"for the NYC Sons' tribute to him.

    I even love your photo..where you're dressed up like him and you're

    doing"The Mouse!".

    And I even love your cartroon of the man on your bloq site.

    Thanks for sharing these rare pieces of NYC kids tv history,


  2. Wow!!! Nice site! I read everything!

  3. He came from West Virginia like my crazy husband (at least that's what Ric tells me).

  4. Great tribute! I have some of his stuff on DVD, although it's in color. I just love White Fang & all those cream pies to the face!

  5. Hello Craig,
    This is a great tribute...
    As a little girl I loved his shows!

    On his recent passing, and my own tribute,
    I've linked to yours...

    Thank you!

  6. One day in 8th grade while my brother 10 yrs older was still living at home,1965 ish, he announced that our daily Superman viewing was instead Soupy Sales. Love at first sight! My husband also loved Soupy, and we watch the reruns with the same glee at 65 as we did in junior high. Thanks for your tribute. I wish I had written him a fan letter, his kindness and sense of fun affected my brother and me in our "young at heart" life philosophies!