Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This will be but the first of many posts about beloved children's television icon Captain Kevin, and his late, lamented network, The Mutual Media Broadcasting System "Your Kid's Other Home."
Frame grab from opening titlesThe 6-4-3 style of "Coach Kenny & Splinter."

More to come (I promise!)


  1. Dear Craig,

    I love these shots of The Captain,Coach Kenny and Splinter the


    It's great to see these three icons of kids tv again..I hope that

    today's kids will enjoy seeing these photos along with the old fans

    of these three characters.

    Thanks For sharing these rare photos of Mutualmedia's most

    beloved kids tv hosts/performers,


  2. The original Captain Kevin really has a wide scope on the media department. Email or see other websites with Kevin S. Butler.

    Steve McKennon
    (son of Dallas McKennon with 1001 voices like Gumby)

  3. I wondered long about how I came to be such a tormented, mentally maimed adult. And now you have given me the answer - it was Captain Kevin. Even as a tater tot, the sudden loss of Captain Kevin from the airwaves dealt a fatal blow to my psychic stability. Plus Mom stopped buying Roy's Brown Stuff. DOUBLE TRAGEDY!! I sit here typing now - healed and well. Hopefully I will soon be well-healed.

    Thank you for rekindling memories of the Good Captain from the furthest caverns of my supterranean subconcious. OYSH!!