Friday, May 6, 2011


I was rummaging through our storehouse today looking for slides from PINWHEEL and out fell a copy of THE MACY STAR - - MACY's very own in-house news magazine. After my dad retired from show-business he worked at the Herald Square store; they were putting on an event and dad got me hired. Well, me and my dummy, "Ravenal Valpole" (it's really Jerry Mahoney in glasses -- but shhhhh.) I found out years later that Ravenal Valpole was the name of one of my mother's brothers! Sorry Uncle Boots :o)
Here I am in 1964 with my co-stars:

click on pic to enlarge
I was so happy. Then I noticed they spelled my name wrong!!!! ARGGHH! Dad said not to worry 'cause it will happen again. It has.
(Hey! For the first time since this was taken I just noticed where the dummy is looking. And check out his expression! Good boy.)

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