Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Here's a mini-doc interview we did on 3/11/11 for NYCity News Service.


  1. totally cool! I LOVE THAT!

  2. Who are those two special people and why do they look so good? Because they got the magic, baby. Guys, I love this little visit to Flexitoonland. I can now click this clip and be there with you in 3A. Miss you and Much love, Uncle Dan

  3. That was wonderful yall, so cool to actually see your faces and hear your real voices and to finally see the people responsible for some of my most treasured memories, which as you know, are of Herbert & Lulu the Hobo Bugs.

    And of course you know that I’m totally stealing the URL for this and posting it on my Classic Nickelodeon Fan Blog for all of my readers to read, or rather watch, as well.

    I just loved it thank you so much for sharing that with us all to see.

  4. I'm so glad I found this! I'm a huge fan of puppets and marionettes! We often use hand puppets in our concerts (we perform concerts for young children). Thank you for sharing!

  5. Craig, Olga; great interview clip! thanks for sharing it. Hope to see YALL soon!
    your cuz from "Jawwwwgah"