Monday, April 5, 2010


"Vegetable Soup was an American educational children's television program produced by the New York State Education Department that originally ran on PBS from September 22, 1975 to December 14, 1978. The purpose of the program was to be a television series for children to help counter the negative, destructive effects of racial prejudice and racial isolation and to reinforce and dramatize the positive, life-enhancing value of human diversity in entertaining and affective presentations that children could understand and relate to."

OK, that's the Wikipedia version. However, it left out one of the creepiest puppet segments on television. Ever.


PADY BLACKWOOD's company was in charge of the puppets. DORRIS DOWLING sculpted and painted them, and OLGA FELGEMACHER did the animations, and was in charge of the puppetry. Olga also played EDGAR (shudder) and HENRY. Edgar's voice was redubbed by a kid, but Henry's sports O's Bil Baird coined "toy-voice".

Olga called them the "Village Of The Damned Puppets." Below is a scene - - you can see for yourself. Good night, children. Sleep welllll. . .

(that's Olga as Henry on the left)