Wednesday, January 20, 2010


And by "loony" I mean the Light Opera Of New York.

They're performing NAUGHTY MARIETTA at the Players Club Theatre on Thursday, January 21. They need a marionette and called us (thanks, Larry!) He chose our pirate puppet CAPTAIN BIGBOOT. And by a gloriously odd coincidence, the Captain will be manipulated by Olga's dear friend and Bil Baird Theater compatriot, BILL TOST.
Here are some shots of CAPTAIN BIGBOOT in action!

OOOOppps, wrong Captain!

I'll try and get some shots from the show and post them.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Craig,

    Nice promo for Vic Herbert's"Naughty Marietta"at The Player's Club

    in NYC.

    I hope that the show is a hit.


    P.S.I'm sure that"Capt.Kevin"will enjoy that gag photo..from what

    I had..he always had a good sense of humor.