Thursday, December 24, 2009


The HOLY GRAIL of our puppet video collection would be SANDY BECKER'S CHRISTMAS CAROL. In this one-hour special originally broadcast on Saturday night, December 22, 1961, the characters were brought to vivid life by the complete cast of Sandy's hand puppets. Starring GEEBA GEEBA as Scrooge and Sir Clyve Clyde as Bob Cratchit, it introduced many of us to this classic tale.
Sometimes, when you watch something beloved from your childhood, it can kinda suck. Makes you wonder "what the hell was I thinking?" I'm sure that wouldn't be the case with this. If any of you collectomaniacstm reading this have any clues as to it's whereabouts, please let me know.
Here is a rarer-than-rare item, tucked away in one of the scrapbooks we inherited from Sandy.

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  1. Dear Craig,

    This is great! A rare piece of NYC kids tv history..I'm glad that

    this photo of Sandy with"Gebba Geeba" as"Scrooge" and "Sir Clyde

    Clive"as "Bob Cratchet"promoting the tv puppet version of"A Christmas


    Like you..I'm hoping that someone has a two inch videotape of

    that kids holiday tv special in their archives.

    And that person(Whoever he or she is?)will see your request to find

    and salvaged this rare piece of kids tv history.

    Thanks for sharing this rare photo of Sandy with his puppets and

    I want to wish you,your family and friends,your staff at "Flexitoons Puppet Studios Inc.",the users of your site and The Members of The
    NYC Sons a Happy,Healthy And Safe Holidays!