Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Howdy, Lucky.

The original HOWDY DOODY meets the original LUCKY STIFF in a no-strings-barred dummy-off! Actually, this was in 1990, where OLGA puppeteered Howdy opposite BUFFALO BOB on the SALLY JESSE RAPHAEL SHOW (produced by the legendary Burt Dubrow). Others on the show included Bob McGrath (Sesame Street) and SOUPY SALES. We designed the puppet stage to sit on top of the piano, so Buffalo Bob could play and sing and converse with Mr. Doody. It was an honor and a pleasure and great fun, too. I mean, the ORIGINAL HOWDY DOODY! I be looking for a clip to post. . .

Lucky Stiff was a featured player on our weekly FOX series, The DJ KAT Show.

I played BRACKISH SWAMPWATER, a Villianous Ventriloquist who was after DJ Kat's job as host of the show.

Always had a soft spot in my head for dummies. . .

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