Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Since it's taken me a snail's pace to start my blog, I figured I'd use SILAS the SNAIL as a symbol.
I played Silas in Nickelodeon's first series, PINWHEEL. In fact, my partner Olga and I created and performed all the "Marionettes and Moles" on the show. Here's a portrait of the Pinwheel family circa 1980. . .Wait - - someone's missing? Grab your umbrella and look up:

What's his name?


  1. Dear Craig,

    I've just seen your new website..It's Great!

    Some wonderful photos of the puppeteer's of tv's

    past and a rare color print of "Jingle Dingle".

    I would like to add some photos..the problem is?

    I can't because my pc is not able to send any photos,artwork

    etc thru the internet.

    Hopefully,that problem will be aliviated soon?

    I've just written a tribute to the 60th anniversary of NYC's

    annual St.Patrick's Day Parades for Bill Ingram's TV Party



    Baring any delays..it will be coming out next month.

    My only regret is that the first and best host/moderator of

    the paradees "Capt.Jack"McCarthy never lived long enough

    to see this tribute or the one that I wrote to him back in

    the fall of 1996 for"The Popeye Fan Club"journal.

    I'll keep in touch with you and Olga via this new website

    Take Care Craig and My best to Olga,Gabe,Lowell and Obaz,

    Yours Truly,


  2. the admiral bird : ) Pinwheel was my favorite show EVER-- I wish someone would put it on dvd!!

  3. Why, that's the Admiral Bird!

    I've been fascinated by Pinwheel, since I've been interested in the history of Nickelodeon, but have never watched a full episode, only clips of them. It'd be nice to see a full episode or two of them, though...

  4. How cold anyone who grew up in the ‘s NOT know that that is the Admiral Bird?!

    It’s so great to see that so many people remember and still love these old Classic Nickelodeon programs. I own a Classic Nickelodeon blog [on here] and a Yahoo group called “A New Beginning For Classic Nickelodeon” [ http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/A_New_Beginning_for_Classic_Nickelodeon/ ] so that I can help others remember these wonderful shows that we grew up with.

    Also, if you’re interested I’m hosting a Classic Nickelodeon Fan Meet in the fall of 2010. It would be amazing if yall cold come and bring the Pinwheel puppets and tell us, the fans, what it was like being on the show and maybe have a Q&A session.

    If yall are interested please email me at peggysueclayhotmail.com and I’ll try and answer any questions yall might have.